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About Us

Oshima Engineering and Trading

Oshima Engineering and Trading was established in 1999 and started off as a small marketing and trading company in Singapore. Our focus then was to solely market and test thermoplastic road-marking materials to be used in Singapore. Gradually, in order to meet the demands for advanced road materials, Oshima began to set up a manufacturing plant in Singapore so as to personally oversee the R&D of road-marking products and its quality.

Singapore was selected to be the ideal location to export road -marking materials to Southeast Asia. From then, Oshima transformed itself from a marketing and trading company into a manufacturer for quality thermoplastic road marking materials.

After the set-up of its manufacturing plant, Oshima started to supply thermoplastic road-marking materials to Singapore. Our customers are mainly contractors that tender for Land transport Authority (LTA) projects. We also export materials to countries like Cambodia, India, Philippines, Thailand, and Sri Lanka etc.

As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, Oshima believes in offering superior thermoplastic road-marking materials with excellent high-end service.  Hence, we focus tremendously on research and development efforts to improve and enhance our products, as well as ingrain the importance of quality service in our staff.  Regardless of our form of client contact, we always strive to provide products that are tailored to our clients’ requirements.

It is here at Oshima where you can find advanced quality road-marking materials that are delivered with service of the highest standard.


To be one of Southeast Asia’s leading manufacturers in quality road marking materials.


To consistently develop and improve product quality so as to deliver better results to our clients and their partners.