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O-LINE: Thermoplastic Road Marking Material


O-LINE is Oshima’s pioneer product, and it is a popular range with our local customers.  It is typically used for road traffic lines, pedestrian crossing, carpark lots, railway platform lines and concrete road lines etc.

Due to high usage by local markets, we strive to ensure that O-LINE is continuously improved to meet changing local demands as well as conform to SS498.

Using a combination of hydrocarbon resin, fine aggregates, color pigments and glass beads, O-LINE is highly visible in both day and night.  Hence, it is the natural choice product for Singapore road markings.

For optimum reflectivity, it is recommended that reflective road marking glass beads be dropped on to the paint during application.

*All our products come standard in white or yellow.  Non-standard colors are available upon request.

Download Product Specifications

O-LINE Product Specification

Type: pdf | Size: 680,2 KB | Uploaded: 03/08/10

Material Safety Data Sheet

Type: pdf | Size: 138 KB | Uploaded: 04/24/08