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O-REX: Thermoplastic Road Marking Material


O-REX is Oshima’s latest product range to cater for export markets.  The flexibility of this product is that it can be manufactured to conform to International Standards BS3262, AASHTO M249 and etc, as well as be customized to meet our customers’ needs.

O-REX has a rapid drying elastic coating with non-slip property and water resistance, resistance to bleed through of bitumen and maximum resistance to wear and abrasion by traffic.

For enhanced night visibility, it is recommended that reflective road marking glass beads be dropped on to the paint during application.

O-REX is only available for export markets.

* All our products come standard in white or yellow.  Non-standard colors are available upon request.

Download Product Specifications

O-REX Product Specification

Type: pdf | Size: 670,3 KB | Uploaded: 03/08/10

Type: pdf | Size: 138 KB | Uploaded: 04/24/08