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O-VIBE: Raised Profile Road Marking Material


O-VIBE, used for laying vibraline/raised profile road marking, can be manufactured to conform to BS 3262 and AASHTO M249. It is mainly used as an edge marking along expressways adjacent to paved road shoulders. It can also be used for laying chevron markings.

When driven over, the evenly raised bumps will cause vehicles to vibrate and audible sounds will be produced to warn drivers straying out of lane. O-VIBE not only enhances night visibility, but can be doubled as a warning system as well.

O-VIBE can reduce the use of the Reflective Pavement Marker (RPM), thus helping to save costs in the long run. 

For better night visibility, it is recommended that reflective road marking glass beads be dropped on to the paint during application.

* All our products come standard in white or yellow.  Non-standard colors are available upon request.

Download Product Specifications

O-VIBE Product Specification

Type: pdf | Size: 578 KB | Uploaded: 03/08/10

Material Safety Data Sheet

Type: pdf | Size: 138 KB | Uploaded: 04/24/08