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Oshima Products

O-LINE is Oshima’s pioneer product, and it is a popular range with our local customers.  It is typically used for road traffic lines, pedestrian crossing, carpark lots, railway platform lines and concrete road lines etc.
O-REX is Oshima’s latest product range to cater for export markets.  The flexibility of this product is that it can be manufactured to conform to International Standards BS3262, AASHTO M249 and etc, as well as be customized to meet our customers’ needs.
O-VIBE, used for laying vibraline/raised profile road marking, is manufactured to conform to BS 3262. It is mainly used as an edge marking along expressways adjacent to paved road shoulders. It can also be used for laying chevron markings.  
Reflective glass beads are dropped on to the Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials during application for better night visibility.  These beads can also act as a protective layer for the road markings, therefore reducing their wear and tear against tires.